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Luxury 3 BHK Flats in Badlapur with Big carpet Area

UshaKiran Residency Badlapur offers luxury 2 and 3 BHK flats at Badlapur East. The premium 2 and 3 BHK flats have big carpet area. The project has ready to move flats. The monsoon offers buy 3 bhk at price of 2 bhk flats.

Badlapur is witnessing large interest from finish users and investors alike. Badlapur is found in Maharashtra’s Thane district and lies on the outskirts of the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region). Badlapur includes of areas like Kulgaon, Katrap, Belavali and Manjarli among others. The Ullas stream additionally runs between Kulgaon and Badlapur. Badlapur is located roughly forty four metres on top of sea level. The Central railway line divides the vicinity in eastern and western halves. The city derives its name from a remarkable habit of the legendary Mahratta warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who used to change (Badla) horses at this location whenever he traveled to Gujarat from the Konkan area.

Badlapur has witnessed tremendous growth over the years on account of its proximity to mumbai. The city is found simply sixty eight kilometres off from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in mumbai. The city has currently been industrialised and has witnessed ample upshot property demand from Bombay. MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) is that the key nodal agency taking care of the world and a number of other chemical industries also are set here. Badlapur offers inexpensive properties to consumers as compared to different locations in Bombay and Navi Bombay. Badlapur has many mid-income properties on provide for consumers in conjunction with housing choices for consumers within the lower-income section.
Luxury 3 bhk flats at Ushakiran Residency Badlapur
UshaKiran Residency Badlapur East
Badlapur includes a cosmopolitan atmosphere and attracts many professionals here on account of the low costs. Badlapur is additionally well connected to Dombivali, Thane and Kalyan. Badlapur is anticipated to witness handsome appreciation within the future in terms of property rates. can|there'll} continually be sizeable demand for property in Badlapur since folks will continue seeking cheap homes within the vicinity and employment prospects are boosted vastly. many premium comes are being developed in Badlapur together with UshaKiran Residency and plenty of others. Badlapur offers smart investment opportunities and is well connected to Mumbai. These are factors which will keep the growth momentum intact over future few years.

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UshaKiran Residency Review By Abhay Dubey

Review of UshaKiran Residency by Abhay Dubey

Mr. Abhay Dubey is the owner of Flat in F-1 Tower UshaKiran Residency. His opinion about the project on 27th July Badlapur Flood and Water Logging situation. He finds safe as there was no Flood and water logging issue in the Project on 27th July 2019 Badlapur.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

GST Positive Impact Towards Real Estate Sector

Real estate industry is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. Real estate industry contributes between 6-8% to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it stands second after IT industry in terms of employment generation.
With multiple taxes applicable previously like Service tax and VAT, with GST coming into the picture, indirect taxation in this sector is wholly revamped.
Let us understand the implications of taxation of the various real estate transactions under GST.
  1. The pre-GST taxability of Real Estate Transactions
  2. Taxability of Real Estate Transactions under GST
  3. Impact on Buyers
  4. Impact on Developers / Builders / Contractors
  5. Impact on other Stakeholders
  6. Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) & its Impact
  7. Treatment of Input Tax Credit, Eligibility and Ineligibility
  8. Conditions for Claiming ITC
  9. Restriction on ITC
  10. Applicability of Stamp Duty

1. The pre-GST taxability of Real Estate Transactions

Nature of DutyRate of TaxWhen was tax required to be paid?
or What triggered tax?
VAT*1 to 4%On Sale of Under Construction Properties
Service Tax4.5%
Registration Charges0.5 to 1%
Stamp Duty Charges*5 to 7%

* VAT, Registration Charges, Stamp Duty Charges vary from state to state
VAT was not applicable on completed or ready to sale properties
Under the erstwhile indirect tax regime, Cenvat Credit on inputs used for the construction of a building or a civil structure or any part thereof was restricted too.

2. Taxability of Real Estate Transactions under GST

ParticularsApplicabilityRate of TaxInput Tax Credit
On ready-to-move (RTM) properties for which completion certificates are issuedNot applicable – Because Sale of building is treated as activity or transaction which shall be treated neither as a supply of good nor a supply of service as per SCHEDULE III of CGST Act,2017Not available
On Under Construction Properties (For Homes Purchased Under Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme)Applicable as supply of services as per Schedule I of CGST Act, 20178%*Available
On Under Construction Properties (Other than above)Applicable as supply of services as per Schedule I of CGST Act, 201712%Available
On resale propertiesNot applicableNot available
On Land purchase and saleNot applicable. As per Schedule III, sale of land is neither supply of goods nor services.Not available
Works contractApplicable18%Available
Composite supply of works
Composite supply of works
Contract to Government Authorities
Composite supply of works contract – for use by general publicApplicable12%Available
Composite supply of works contract – Affordable HousingApplicable12%Available
* NOTE: The homes purchased under the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) attracts 12% GST rate. The applicable rate will be 8% after cutting the 1/3rd amount towards the cost of land.

3. Impact on Buyers

Under the earlier tax regime, buyers had to pay VAT, Service tax, Registration charges & Stamp duty on purchase of properties under construction. Also since VAT, Registration charges & Stamp duty were state levies, prices of properties varied from state to state. Moreover, developers had to pay various duties like sales tax (CST), custom duty, OCTROI etc. for which credit was not available.
Under GST, a single tax rate of 12% is applicable on properties under construction while GST is not applicable on completed or ready to sale properties which was the case in previous law. Hence buyers will benefit from reduction of prices under GST.
In the short-term, buyers may stick to “wait and watch” approach to gain more understanding on the impact of GST on property prices and defer buying decision.
Also, in the long term, GST will a positive impact on buyers if the benefit of input tax credit received by the developer is passed on to the buyer.

4. Impact on Developers / Builders / Contractors

Under the previous tax regime, developers had to bear Excise duty, VAT, Customs duty, Entry taxes etc. on raw materials / inputs and Service tax on various input services like approval charges, architect professional fees, labor charges, legal charges etc. ITC was not available for duties like CST, Customs duty, Entry Tax etc. This would impact the pricing and subsequently the burden was transferred to the buyer.
Under GST, developers’ construction costs are significantly reduced as multiple taxes are subsumed and due to the availability of input tax credit. Also, reduction in cost of logistics will be an added benefit. Hence developers may see improvement in margins.
On the downside, developers have to do multiple calculations to arrive at ITC in order to pass it on to the buyers. Hence, in most cases, they can pass on the ITC only during the final stages.
This lack of transparency on ITC, may affect the developers since buyers may resort to “wait and watch” approach and defer buying decision.
And, in the erstwhile laws, a large portion of expenditure remained unrecorded in the books. Under GST, availability of credit on inputs and cloud storage of invoicing has reduced under recording of expenditure.

5. Impact on other Stakeholders

The impact on the allied services like labor, material suppliers, service suppliers etc. depends on the increase or decrease in the tax levied on these goods and services. This will have a consequential impact on real estate industry as a whole.
For example, earlier cement was taxed at an effective rate of 27-31 percent which will now be taxed at 18 percent. Increase in cement prices will result in consequential increase in the overall cost of construction.
GST Rates for some of the goods relating to the construction industry are given below:
ProductRate of GST
Sand & Fly ash Bricks12%
Marble and granite28%

6. Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) & its Impact

The concept of RCM has been borrowed from the erstwhile Service tax law. The scope of RCM has significantly expanded in GST which may adversely impact the developers.
  • One of the significant additions to RCM under the GST law is, if goods are procured / service are received from a person who is not registered under GST,  a registered person under the GST has to pay GST on all such supplies.
  • In cases where services are received from goods transporters, legal services received from an individual or firm, services received from the government or local authorities, like municipalities, etc. (subject to exceptions), developer has to pay the GST on the same.
  • Also, under GST, the developer cannot adjust the tax payable under RCM against the input credit available from the GST paid on the inputs. Instead, it has to be paid by cash/bank payment.
This will increase the costs and has a negative impact on the developers, especially the small developers.

7. Treatment of Input Tax Credit, Eligibility and Ineligibility

Under GST, credit of taxes charged on all input and /or input services which are used or intended to be used in the course of furtherance of business would be available subject to exceptions.

Conditions for Claiming ITC

A registered person will be entitled to claim input tax credit only upon fulfillment of the following conditions:
  • He has the possession of tax invoice (purchase invoice) / debit note.
  • He has received the goods and /or services or both;
  • The tax charged on such supply is paid to the Government by the supplier.
  • He has furnished a valid return.
  • The goods and services should not have been used for personal use.

Restriction on ITC

Input tax credit is not available on supplies received for construction of an immovable property on his own account other than plant and machinery
NOTE: The word “construction” includes reconstruction, renovation, additions or alterations or repairs to the extent of capitalization to the said immovable property.
Example 1: If the cost incurred for the change of interiors of service apartment is added to the cost of immovable property (in this case, service apartment) then it forms part of the cost of Service apartment (immovable property) and accordingly  input tax credit is not available for the taxes paid on change of interiors of service apartment.
Example 2: Mantri Developers constructs a building for its branch office. In this case, ITC is not available.
Example 3: L&T constructs a hydraulic machine used for construction of its branch office. In this case, ITC is available.

10. Applicability of Stamp Duty

For the limited purpose of calculating the GST, stamp duty and registration charges are excluded.
Stamp duty will continue to be applicable on both completed properties and under-construction properties as was the case with pre-GST regime.

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Buy 2 BHK At Price Of 1 BHK Flats IN Badlapur East

Sales and Offers in Monsoon 

Monsoon is one of the favorite seasons as most of the offers come in these months. The offers which you cannot ignore and yet it makes you come out of your home to see them. The real estate offers the same buying home is a dream come true for many people. Few people achieve their goals but few people get stuck in decision making. There are many factors which make you take the final decision about your buying dream home. The factors could be financial, personal, location, transportation, amenities etc The list is endless. While searching for the home you need to create a list that will help you or guide you till your final decision.

Prepare List while Buying Home

The list would carry a few points such as why, where, when, who, what all WH questions you need to prepare. If you get the positive answer to all your WH Questions then consider the property buying decision, your Dream Home. It’s been often seen that you like the property but get rejected by some other factor.


Buy 2 BHK at Price of 1 BHK Real Estate Monsoon Offers 
The offer which we going to explain in my post is “BUY 2 BHK at Price Of 1 BHK Flats” Yes it is true the price which the project offers during monsoon is for the limited period offers where you can get the best deals for your dream home. The offers end on 31st July 2019. Kindly visit Ushakiran Residency to know the floor plan and all amenities offers by the UshaKiran residency group. The project is 7 minutes away from the Badlapur railway station. Share Autorickshaw charges 10 rupees. Supermarket, central hospital, School is in 1 km range from the project.

 Book your Site Visit: to know more about the offers and available flats and undergoing project please call us : 7666744411

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Is Badlapur is good city to live in?

Well if you Google it you will land with lots of articles on the Badlapur City. The question that "Is Badlapur is Good City to Live in? Well, the answer is Yes, The city offers the best residential along with the best transport connectivity. Also has bright feature as it is middle of central and Navi Mumbai. The feature of the part would be a fruitful investment.

1 bhk flats in Badlapur
Image Source:

Every city has it's own history and culture. But when development comes the city is ready to accept the change. Yes, and Badlapur has been changed a lot. The infrastructure is changing lots of new under-construction projects have been started. The real estate is booming in the Badlapur. It is now developing very fast. If you visit once then you will come to know that big infrastructure projects are running rapidly. Most of the service which requires on a daily basis to a human being is available in enough quantity at affordable prices.

The population is increasing day by day Mumbai is not sufficient and affordable to all the people who come here for bread and butter.  People come here to earn and stay. Finding a suitable affordable apartment is no easy task. You need to pay high to get the flats on rent.

Instead of paying the high rent people can defiantly consider buying a home which will be in their budget too. The price of the Mumbai flats has gone beyond the common man reach. So people prefer to move a better place less crowded and spacious project which will not only provide them the roof but also make them feel better once they reach homes.

UshaKiran Residency Badlapur

Badlapur is one of the fastest booming places and will see the great change in a short time. UshaKiran Residency also has a project known as Dream Township which has all the modern amenities. It is hardly 7 minutes away from the Badlapur railway station. The project is completed and has few 1bhk flats in Badlapur available for sale.

Buying a home is a big decision to always take the second opinion before buying your dream home. You can visit the site and see the actual development in that area. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Budget Flats and Apartment in Kharwai, Badalapur Maharashtra

Usha Kiran Residency Badlapur East

Affordable residential township of Exclusive & Luxurious 20 Towers

Here is the invention of discerning new life standards amidst one of the most top-rated residential locality in the central suburb of beyond Thane- Badalapur. Modern & thoughtfully laid out this spectacular locality has always set new standards in good community living.

UshaKiran Residency Kharwai, Badalapur

The residents of Usha Kiran Residency Badlapur will have easy access to all of the major attraction, assured in the knowledge that they live in one of the most attractive Mumbai suburbs. Nesting cozily in the lush green surrounding, the complex is in close vicinity of Badalapur-Matheran Road.